Vision Tech Cloud Surveillance

  • Vision Tech  Cloud Surveillance Service is designed for homes, small & Medium businesses.
  •  Our Cloud Services allows for very low investment and very quick deployment to customers.
  • Our Cloud Cameras are backup to the cloud and not locally at your business or home.  Storage of recorded video ranges from 7 to 90 days depending on Customer’s needs.
  • An Easy to use App provides live video and quick playback. With our Video cloud Surveillance Solution there is no need for locally placed DVR or NVR.
  • Our solution still provides for local recording of video using SD and NAS storage devices in addition to cloud Storage.
  • No need for implementation of Port forwarding or complex networking.  Supports Cameras from various vendors.
  • Manage Cameras in  Health check Alert – Tells when any camera is down   Support Motion triggered and full recording of video.  720 p Continuous recording & 1080 P Motion Recording. Now you can finally resolve the issue of Stolen DVR or NVR